"На занятиях, мы сочиняли маленькие творческие тексты, принимая участие в играх и соревнованиях, или обсуждая интересные вопросы, мы постоянно повторяли лексику, и грамматику. Виталий Токарев. Юрист компании "Гиперглобус"

Посетив нашу Инфотеку вы найдете интересные материалы для изучения немецкого, английского и русского языка, а также узнаете о разных подходах к обучению иностранному языку и еще много интересного!

Lehrerfahrung in Moskau sammeln - Wir suchen für den Zeitraum von September 2014 bis März 2015 Unterstützung bei der Lehre von Deutsch als Fremdsprache


About “Muttersprachler” Ltd.


In 2006, the company “OOO Muttersprachler” began to offer German courses taught exclusively by German native speakers in Moscow. The idea to form the company came from Eva Leitner, a German teacher, and her Russian partner. Eva had taught German and English as foreign languages at various language schools in Moscow after completing her studies at the University of Mannheim in Germany. In this way, she not only got to know students with different language skills, competencies, ages and, of course, different objectives and requirements, but she also gained insight into the specific teaching methods employed by a number of private institutes in Moscow. Her teaching career in Moscow included stops at the Carl Duisberg Centrum Moscow, the American Club of Education, the Dennis School and ITEC. Her partner, a Russian lawyer who deals primarily with labor and immigration law, handles contractual and visa issues for the language school “Muttersprachler”.

What “Muttersprachler” Offers

In the meantime, the Russian “OOO Muttersprachler” has evolved from a private school for German as a foreign language into a service company offering a broad range of services:

* COURSES: In addition to German language courses of all kinds, we also offer English and Russian as foreign languages. Our clients are typically employees of foreign companies in Moscow who wish to learn the language of the parent company. However, we just as gladly work with individuals and groups who turn to us out of personal enthusiasm for the language and culture. We offer them support in their desire to learn or perfect “real,” living language.

* LEGAL TRANSLATIONS: We work together with German and English native speakers who, apart from degrees in translation / interpretation, have also specialized in the field of law. Therefore, we can offer legal translations (from contracts and “Terms and Conditions,” to correspondence and court judgments) into German or English at a high quality and in a very short amount of time.

* Proofreading and Editing:

Similarly, native speakers with university degrees and excellent knowledge of Russian quickly and accurately correct all kinds of texts that have been translated from Russian into German or English.

* Interpreting Services:

Our interpreter Alexei is in his 4th Year at the Moscow State Linguistic University, studying interpreting and translation. In addition, his experience in interpretation, his open and nonchalant manner and, perhaps most importantly, his natural bilingualism (he grew up in Germany as a child of Russian diplomats, but spoke Russian at home with both parents) augment this formal training.

About the Language School “Muttersprachler”

Mark Twain once commented on how “unlearnable” and complicated he found the German language. He claimed it would take 30 years to learn it and that it would be best to bury it together with Latin and the other “dead languages.” – Apparently, he was using the wrong method. Russians who had been “harassed” with German in school before coming to us often have a similar impression of the language to that of Twain. This much is true, however: no matter how difficult a language may be, a good teacher with the right method can make learning a pleasure. Even things the students learn about the target culture “in passing” can be more enriching than facts learned from the best book on culture and society! We do not work with texts in books and with grammar tables, but with people! Students, their interests, needs and success are always of primary importance to us! Our young, but experienced team brings a breath of fresh air to the classroom by ensuring lively, communicative lessons, which require students to take initiative and creatively use language. In class, we almost never use Russian. We motivate students to speak instead of holding lectures ourselves.

Jobs and Internships

We invite students of English as a foreign language, Russian as a foreign language, linguistics, teaching and education to complete an internship at “Muttersprachler.” Internships last for at least six months, but the start and finish dates are not fixed. You can send us your application by email. We would like to receive: a letter of motivation stating the desired internship period, a resume and a photograph.


- Good standard English, and strong ability to express yourself. (You can aptly explain concepts or phrases in simple terms.)

- Experience in teaching, preferably teaching foreign-languages

- A basic understanding of methodologies

- Knowledge of Russian is advantageous (at least basic skills)

- Organizational skills and the ability to work independently

- Dependability, punctuality, flexibility

- An open, friendly and active nature, a communicative and creative personality, team skills.

What we offer

- Practical work experience: The courses take place regularly in small groups or with individual students at any level. You work with a core group of students over time and accompany them through different levels.

- Up to 20 academic hours per week. An academic hour is 45 minutes.

- At the beginning of the internship you “learn by watching” in a shadowing period that lasts several weeks.

- 10 Euros per academic hour.

- The possibility of permanent employment as a teacher after the completion of the internship.

- A contact person who is responsible for internship issues and who undertakes classroom visits and gives feedback in the case of problems.

- An internship certificate, invitation, registration (borne by the company) and assistance with a visa (at the cost of the intern).

We also invite teachers who have an ESL or CELTA or a similar certificate to join our team permanently. We offer a work agreement for a year, with the possibility to prolong it, of course. You will receive a visa, a work permit and registration by out company. Requirements are the same as mentioned above, but work experience in teaching English as a foreign language is a must (at least one year).

Where and how?

Our teachers will come to your office. Teaching times are arranged with participants and their management. Lessons can be private or can be held in small groups of up to eight students. Classes are held two, three or more times a week.

Our Methodology:

- Is student-centered

- Builds oral expression and listening skills

- Is playful and creative

- Is wide-ranging, varied and integrates various modern approaches

- Is effective (we make sure that students retain what they have learned)

-Is never boring!

We combine proven approaches to modern language teaching and tailor them to students’ individual needs. For each new student, we perform an analysis of the student’s individual learning style: Everyone learns in their own way and often, students already know which method is the most effective for them.

Nevertheless, we always take the same basic approach to instruction: Our instruction is centered on the student. This means that we motivate students and encourage them to actively and creatively engage with the language instead tediously memorizing words and phrases so that they can merely demonstrate their memorization skills through tests and exercises.This so-called “grammar-translation method,” although unfortunately still very widely used, has been proven ineffective, as it does not teach students to apply the knowledge they receive and does not promote natural communication.

Is important to us, on the other hand, that students feel “at home” when communicating in a foreign language. This means that they learn to say what they want accurately and fluently, but also that they learn to listen properly: the foundation of successful communication. Grammar, of course, cannot be forgotten. Studentsneed to be able speak not only understandably but also correctly. In order to do that, they need to understand the general structure of the language. In our courses we teach grammar not by memorizing boring tables or by tormenting students with dozens of written exercises, but by reinforcing grammatical rules through interesting tasks, games, creative projects, presentations, discussions and genuine dialogues. Believe us, it works! – Only things that interest you can be effectively retained and applied!

Measures of Success

One learns more effectively with a goal in mind.

- For this reason, our courses have a pre-determined duration and clearly outlined content.

- The course targets are based on the levels of theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFR).

- A course to achieve the next highest level typically lasts 60 academic hours (10 or 15 weeks).

- At the middle and end of each course, a test developed by the experienced teaching staff at our school is used to determine how much of the course material each student was able to learn. The students receive their results in writing.